If you're worried and fearful about common barriers standing in your way to nutrition certification and becoming a dietitian, you can finally let go of those fears! Don't wait until you run into an obstacle - such as being rejected from nutrition program, don't match to an internship, etc., - before you equip yourself with the knowledge you need to construct a back up plan! Having a back up plan can help make this grueling process a LOT less stressful and anxiety producing! 


With this ebook, you'll:

- Finally get clarity on what exactly is involved in the process to become a nutritionist or dietitian -

- Decrease your chances of delays or running into obstacles -

- Let go of your fears of potential road blocks! Know all your alternative options  -

- Get step by step guidance to optimize each step in the RDN process -

- Decrease stress of not matching or not passing the RD exam by being fully equipped with the knowledge neccessary to construct a back up plan -

- Prevent fears and obstacles from getting in the way of your dreams! - 

There's nothing worse than knowing your passion but not being able to achieve your dreams.

Written by an ex-RD2b, and now RD who struggled to get there due to lack of guidance, resources and information, this guide will give you the "heads up" that I could have used during my journey. Make the already difficult process easier by being prepared and equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge to finally reach your goal. Welcome home, RD2b.

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