Hi, I'm Meg!

I remember what it was like trying to navigate through the process of becoming a nutritionist or RDN. All those steps and requirements became really scary and intimidating!

Every step of the way, I was met with a "if I don't achieve this then I can't do that". I was terrified because there was so much room for obstacles during this process! So many times where I thought, "I'm never going to get there"! 

If you've ever wondered:

- What will I do if I don't get into a coordinated or didactic program?

- What if I don't match to an internship?

- What if I don't pass the RD exam?

I have the answers. This journey doesn't have to be scary and intimidating! What if you knew you had alternatives to fall back on, easing the anxiety about potentially not matching or not passing the RD exam? What if you could be walked through the process, step by step? Don't get "stuck" in the process - arm yourself with the knowledge, tools and resources you need to avoid delaying becoming a dietitian

The first step is to grab your free copy of my Tips for Success fact sheet. Make sure you're prepared ahead of time and know what to do before you hit a road block. Start equipping yourself with the information you need for a smooth, bump-free journey to become a nutritionist or dietitian. Don't let a seemingly intimidating journey keep you from reaching your dreams. Get your copy now!

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